Online Quiz AR

1. How much would it cost to open one of your locations?
2. What is your return on investment (%)?
3. How profitable is your business?
4. How do your business sales compare to those of other businesses in your industry?
5. To what degree is your business distinctive from its competitors?
6. Who are your main target customers?
7. Do you have an operating prototype?
8. How systematized is your business operations (SOPs)?
9. How long would it take you to teach someone how to operate your business?
10. Do you have an effective POS (point of sale) and Accounting system?
11. Do you have a personnel policy in place?
12. Do you have branding guidelines?
13. The market for your business is?
14. The competition for your products/ services is?
15. Where do you stand in terms of media presence/ brand recognition?
16. Is your corporate website active?
17. Have you received proposals to franchise your business over the past years?
18. Have you received any awards/recognition?
19. How long has your business been in operation?
20. How many locations do you have?
21. Do you have a marketing team?
22. Have you registered a domain name for your business?
23. Have you registered your business trademarks?
24. Who runs your daily operations?
25. Are you ready for a lifelong responsibility to grow, nurture, support, guide, and be involved?

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