What You Need To Know

Where do you begin? Are you franchisable? What will franchising do to your business? How much will this cost? What steps do you need to take?

So Many Questions To Be Answered

How do you determine if you’re franchisable?
What are the business advantages?
What effects will franchising have on your current business and staff?

All of these are important questions when it comes to your company’s future. In order to understand if franchising is right for your business there are 3 easy steps:

  • Take the franchisability quiz to evaluate your business and to determine if it’s possible for you to succeed as a franchisor.
  • Compare your current business to our checklist to get started on your way
  • Speak to a franchise consultant

the keys to successful franchising

There are many keys to being a successful franchisor. You must not only take into consideration the system itself, but how the franchisees will integrate into the system, how you will sell the system and how you will support your network as it grows. The Top 5 Keys for Successful franchising are:

  • Establishing a franchise strategy
  • Building a comprehensive business plan
  • Ensuring the proper agreements are in place to protect the brand as it grows
  • Implementing the proper training programs and operating procedures for franchisee success
  • Knowing how to market your brand effectively and where to find and how to select the right franchisees

It’s not just about timing. It’s about knowledge.

Thirty Years and Ten Thousand Companies Later

Experience, knowledge and over 39 years of success, are what Francorp offers to each and every client.

Francorp is the leader in franchising. Our proven method, plus in-house training and support from our franchise consultants, will lead you step-by-step through the process of creating a successful franchise.

We support you when it comes to anticipating the total cost of franchising your business. Our extensive experience can keep you from violating the registration process in different jurisdictions, and our marketing strategies will help entice perspective buyers to explore your opportunity without violating franchising laws. All of this, all under one roof.

Hear our success stories, or contact a Francorp’s analyst to learn about getting started on your road to successfully franchising your business or idea.