Nawar El Hassan

Nawar El Hassan

Sr. Marketing Consultant

Nawar El Hassan holds and American Business Degree from Atlantic International University, coming from a strong background in Client Relations, Marketing and Business development. She has developed her skills over the past 7 years working with the largest corporations in both the Public and Private Sector in the United Arab Emirates.

Starting off her career at an Intellectual Property firm, Nawar has gained a strong understanding of the principles of legal protection with regards to IP (Trademark, Patents, Copyrights) which is one of the most important elements of Franchising. Moreover, prior to joining Francorp ME, she was a Business Development & Marketing Manager for a Cloud based firm developing their market growth and business expansion plans as well as their strategic partnerships with public and private organizations.

Presently, Nawar is a Franchise Marketing Consultant specialized in advising and assisting businesses through the analysis of their market expansion strategies across their entire Franchise Development Cycle.