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Munch Bakery Develops Their Franchise Program with Francorp Middle East

Munch Bakery, the Saudi based bakery adopts the franchising model to open new stores across the GCC countries.

munch bakery franchise

Dubai, United Arab Emirates: Munch Bakery has signed an agreement with the American based company Francorp through its Middle East regional office in Dubai. According to the agreement, Francorp will design and develop the franchise program for Munch Bakery, whose plan is to expand globally through franchising.

Munch Bakery is a sweet oriented Bakery. Munch Bakery is specialized and known for the variety of cupcake flavors and customized occasion cakes and cupcakes. The variety of items include cheesecakes, tarts, cookies, brownies, English cakes, loafs, mini tarts, mini cheesecakes, round cakes and our exclusive candy line. Munch Bakery are unique in their products, store interior and branding strategy.

Munch Bakery’s goal is to be the leading bakery in the region. Moreover, they plan to increase their variety of cupcake flavors as well as growing their existing product line. They thrive to keep on improving and staying ahead of the market.

Founder and Chairman, Ibrahim Alshemimry: “A product of pure imagination, MUNCH offers creative and decadent ways to share sweet samples of happiness with our consumers on a daily basis. We are true believers in delivering our unique, sugar-coated formula to provide an incomparable sense of fulfillment. As such, we encourage you to join our burgeoning kitchen.”

Mr. Imad Charaf Eddine, Chairman, Francorp Middle East & LEVANT states “Munch Bakery is ready to be franchised. Francorp ME is proud to add Munch Bakery to its successful client list. This Saudi based company has plans to expand across the GCC and globally, by implementing Francorp’s franchise program. It is now our commitment to implement our long-standing history of success, expertise and vast experience to Munch Bakery”.

“Franchising, when done right extends a brand in a flexible, adaptable way, while saving time, effort, and money on operations and overhead”, he concluded.