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Francorp ME Launches in Beirut, Lebanon


Dubai, UAE – December 5, 2017 : Francorp ME is proud to announce the opening of its newest office in Beirut, Lebanon. Located in Corniche Pierre el Gemayel , the office covers the LEVANT region, including Jordan, Turkey and Egypt.

Francorp is the world’s largest Franchise Consultancy Firm with offices both locally globally. We are proud & pleased to add Beirut, Lebanon as one of our ever-expanding locations.

The Team is run by both young and experienced consultants determined to grow the region's franchise portfolio. The Beirut branch covers the LEVANT region, including Jordan and Egypt. We seek to pair the understanding of these market's economies as well as its businesses with Francorps 40+ years of expertise in the franchising industry, to expand upon our already vast knowhow and deliver our services in the region.

Imad Charaf Eddine, Chairman of Francorp ME stated: “Franchising is the future growth and expansion solution for many small and medium business owners. It is a way for individuals to benefit from the infrastructure and expertise of an existing business, but with the autonomy of running a business themselves. Simply, Franchising can work wonders. Being the world's oldest and largest franchise development firm, Francorp ME has developed franchising programs for more than 15,000 companies internationally over the past 40 years, and more than 1000 clients in the GCC and MENA region. What makes our clients so successful is our ability to provide all the franchise resources they need, through the seamless and coordinated efforts of an in-house team of experts. It is our honor to bring these services to Lebanon.”


Francorp® Middle East is the largest franchise consulting firm in the LEVANT region. Established in 1976 in Chicago, United States, Francorp provides comprehensive franchise consulting services including but not limited to Franchise Program Development, Strategic Formulation, Legal Services, Franchise Operations Manual, Franchise Marketing and Sales Training, through the seamless and coordinated efforts of an in-house team of expert Franchise Consultants. Over the years, Francorp has assisted more than 14,000 companies plan for expansion, and have developed more than 5000 full franchise programs.

Mr. Imad Charafeddine, Chairman, Francorp Middle East & LEVANT states “ The opening of Francorp Lebanon marks a milestone for Francorp Middle East. The Lebanon office will take over the LEVANT region, and ensure that Francorp remains the top Franchising Consultancy firm in the Middle East. We are pleased to expand our Francorp family, and expand our successful client list. Our franchise consulting services ensure that businesses can grow while maintaining their authenticity. Franchising, when done right extends a brand in a flexible, adaptable way, while saving time, effort, and money on operations and overhead”, he concluded.