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Francorp Middle East Announces New Client

Iwamas Ventures Limited Teams up with Francorp Middle East to expand Clinton Street Baking Company in the region.


Clinton St. Baking Co. began as a simple bakery in the Lower East Side in 2001 by the husband and wife team of Dede Lahman and Neil Kleinberg. In time, word spread of the restaurant’s renowned pancakes, biscuits, and burgers amongst numerous other delights. New Yorkers eventually grew accustomed to a two-hour queue, which is when Clinton Street attained international recognition as New York’s No. 1 spot for an all-day American breakfast.

2013 saw Clinton St. embark on an international expansion with its first location in Tokyo closely followed in 2014 by the first Middle East location in Dubai. Additional outlets have since been established in Singapore and Bangkok, with second locations opened in Tokyo and Dubai respectively. The global footprint that Clinton St. Baking Co. has now established is a testament to the cross-cultural appreciation of an all-day American breakfast concept.

To further leverage off of their existing internationalisation strategy, Iwamas Ventures Limited has recently partnered with Francorp Middle East, a US based franchise-consulting firm in Dubai to develop their franchise system and network. As per the agreement, Francorp is entrusted with the full design and development of Clinton St. Baking Co. expansion program whose vision is to expand their unique concept across the Middle East.

“We are excited to add Clinton St. Baking Co. to our successful clientele and to offer them our consulting services for their expansion program. Given their remarkable evolution as a pioneer in the U.A.E’s Food Industry, we now have an opportunity to replicate their international success and know-how across the region. It is thus our intention to deploy our long-standing track-record of expertise, vast experience and successes with other F&B restaurants to develop a comprehensive system for Clinton St. Baking Co.,” says Imad Charaf Eddine, Chairman Francorp ME/LEVANT.

“Franchising has become a necessity for local businesses hoping to achieve accelerated levels of business growth. With heightened awareness of the importance of franchising, successful local businesses have realised the incremental value-creation that a well-run established system and network can result in. Especially in challenging Middle East markets, it can be the most effective tool in leveraging success in one market into another yet doing so without the direct investment; often a prohibitively expensive prerequisite, needed to establish new branches.” added Imad Charaf Eddine.

Hisham Samawi, Iwamas Ventures Limited Managing Partner said “It’s no secret that success in Dubai’s hyper competitive F&B space is often elusive for even the most evolved of restaurant concepts. Yet over the past four years, Clinton St. has witnessed positive momentum across Dubai not only at our physical locations but within our catering business as well. The appetite Dubai’s consumers have demonstrated for Clinton St. gives us confidence our formula will translate positively across the rest of the Middle East. For any potential partner, our demonstrated track record of success alongside the potential diversity of revenue streams we offer should prove ample justification to invest in a Clinton St. Baking Co. license.”

Francorp opened their regional office in Dubai in 2007 offering professional consultancy services throughout the Middle East market. With their extensive experience, outstanding achievements and high-quality services, Francorp Inc. has become one of the leading franchise development and consulting firms in the world.