Franchise Consultants in the Middle East

Francorp Middle East is the largest Franchise Consulting firms in the MENA region. Established in 1976, Francorp, headquartered in Chicago, United States, is also the oldest known franchise consultants, with its presence in more than 55 countries. Over the years, Francorp has assisted more than 14,000 companies plan for expansion and have developed more than 5000 full franchise program. Francorp Middle East deals in franchising strategy formulation, program development, legal services, franchise sales & management training in the Middle Eastern region with focus on UAE, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Oman, Egypt, Qatar, Jordan, Kuwait, Syria, Lebanon, Turkey and Levant.

On franchise buyers’ end, the company offers best professional advice about acquiring a franchise and the related costs of franchising in the Middle East, as well as other parts of the world. Francorp has successfully assisted about Twelve thousand businesses to acquire and/or invest in a franchise business.

If you want to franchise your business, we’re just a click away. We can help you with a person-to-person consultation with an extremely professional franchise consultant who assesses your business for enterprise factors such as profitability, growth, investment cost and potential competition. You are also provided with a readiness estimate and necessary suggestions to make your business franchise ready. Feel free to fix a free consultation or call our representative Chirine Ajami on +971 50 7559967.

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Francorp is the Worldwide Leader

Francorp is the worldwide leader in franchise development and consulting. From our headquarters in Chicago, Francorp has grown to 27 offices with presence not only in the United States, but all over South America, Asia, the Middle East, and South Africa as well.

Francorp has its franchising headquarters for GCC Countries in Dubai, UAE. Francorp Middle East also has offices in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA), Kuwait, Qatar, Egypt. For Levant, Francorp has its franchising headquarters in Syria, Jordan, Turkey, Lebanon.

Client Testimonials

Francorp me is one stop shop that provides our business all the assistance and support in building the height franchise program devolopment.
Khalil Fakih
Managing Director / Circle cafe
Francorp have been very much on top of the assignment in terms of timelines and work.
Naseem Ahamad
General Manager / Magiff Cosmetics
The project was handled with care and diligence. The follow up and correspondence from Francorp was conducted in a professional manner. The Francorp team was spot on. The project timeline was followed through as per the stated development timeline in the proposal. There have been no delays from Francorp’s side on any section. The content covered in all sections related to the franchise manual will allow the franchisee to grasp and understand both the essential elements and details required in operating the business. The sections covered in all deliverables are integral in allowing the franchisor to feel confident in proceeding and signing his first franchise agreement.
Issam Ghandour
Managing Director / Munch Bakery
I would like to specify that FrancorpME is one stop shop that provides our business all the assistance and support in building the highest franchise program development in particular the ongoing support and high deliverable.
Khalil Fakih
I am writing today with regards to the excellent service and support which Marina has received from Francorp for building up our franchising business, your extensive knowledge and expertise in the field has helped us immensely to thoroughly understand the mechanics, potential risks along with how to mitigate them, financials, competition, needs and expectations of potential franchisee etc.
Rana Saud Mahmood
General Manager / MArina Home Interiors
Francorp is a company with immense knowledge in the fields of franchising. Having no knowledge of franchises whatsoever, the team worked with us closely to understand our business needs and compile the best manuals for our future clients. The process greatly helped us to understand our own business profile and I highly recommend Francorp for any size company who wish to expand and grow internationally through franchising.
Sara Abdulrazak
Managing Director / Sisters
It is critical to find a franchise consultancy that will help structure the franchise in the right way and obviously it is useful to speak to people with knowledge and experience. FrancorpME provided us the knowhow and support that we are looking for to develop our Coffeol franchise and helped us moving our business forward. FrancorpME shared their passion to Franchising with us since day one, we would be to certainly point our customers in their direction so they receive the best possible advice.
Abdo Bejjani
Group CEO / Coffeöl
We interviewed several franchise companies before making our decision and decided to go ahead with Francorp. Although they we’re not the cheapest on the market I am confident they are the best and in the long run the cost is quickly returned through saving time and energy. They have been a great help with through the whole process and I am happy to highly recommend them. Imad is 100% dedicated to each client and is always ready to offer his support and help.
Mark Carroll
Founder & Co.CEO / Kcal